Summary: Remedy Help Desk Software

From: Bob Leck (
Date: Fri Dec 02 1994 - 15:40:57 CST


Sorry this took so long. I was overwelmed with responses. Original question:

>Not sure if this is appropriate. But here it goes. I am evaluating a software
>package from Remedy called 'Action Request System'. This software is designed
>to support a help desk environment. My question is this:
>Has anyone used this product and if so what do you think? Any and all
>responses (Good and Bad) are wanted.

I have too many responses to list here. I will forward a file I built with the
responses to anyone who is interested.

Overall the responses seem to be in favor of the Remedy package.

I want to thank everyone who responded. It helped out tremendously in my

Again, for anyone wanting a copy of all the responses please e-mail me.



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