Solaris 2.4 Summary

Date: Fri Dec 02 1994 - 09:53:21 CST

I have received many replys to my request for availability of
Solaris 2.4. The following is a consensus of the responces:

There are two versions of Solaris, one supported by SMCC and one
supported by Sun Soft. The Sun Soft version has been released and is
available. The SMCC version which may or may not contain more features than
the sunsoft version has been much delayed and the latest FCS date is
12 December 94.

One respondent suggested that SMCC may in fact ship the Sun Soft version.

Users with 2.4 are generally happy with the release, it has a considerable
performance advantange over 2.3. However the sugestion was made to retain the
2.3 binaries, as some of the tools/utilities/etc may work better than the 2.4

PS: one respondent suggested that I may get "flamed" for posting an unappropriate
message to this list. I would like to hear if any one else is of this opinion
and what IS appropriate for this list.

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