SUMMARY: SunNetManagers

From: Steve Dickson (
Date: Fri Dec 02 1994 - 06:13:53 CST

The question: Why can I not mail to the sun-net-managers list as specified
in the FAQ?

The answer: that address is no longer current. The new address is reported as: OR add requests submissions

However, mail sent to these addresses gets bounced with the return code:
421: Host not found for mailer ddn.
Followed by the full e-mail address and a Host unknown report. Oh well.

Thanks to all who responded.

ORIGINAL POST -----------------------------------------------------------------------
From: (Steve Dickson)

There have been a couple of requests for the sun net managers mailing
list. The mailing address provided in the intro/FAQ for this group
lists the address as: add requests submissions

[lines 165-167 in the intro/FAQ]. However, as indicated in a previous
note, these mailing addresses seem to be down right now. mconnect
fails with a "connection refused" message. Anyone have any idea why
or perhaps a more current address?

RESPONSES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: pete@cs.UMD.EDU (Pete Cottrell)

        To my knowledge, these lists have been defunct for about 3
years, since the maintainer left the University Of Maryland, and
have never become active again. They should probably be dropped from
the FAQ.

From: (Lupemaria Beal)

I'm actually in the snm list in the following address:
what I'm not sure about is the "request" address. I think it is: or

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