From: Steve Dickson (
Date: Fri Dec 02 1994 - 03:03:55 CST

Dear Peoples,

A couple of days ago, I submitted a question asking about possible reasons
for our QMS-PS 410 only printing testpages. I received a number of responses
but, being Mr. Klutz, I accidentally deleted the file in which I was storing
them. So, unfortunately, I've lost the names that go with the answers.

One correspondent asked whether I was installing the printer using a serial,
parallel or network connection. The answer is that I was using the parallel
port and /dev/bpp0. Believe me, this configuration was working beautifully
before we migrated to Solaris 2.3

Another suggestion was that I disable banner printing for the printer. The
correspondent seemed to feel that these banner pages may be confusing the
printer in some way. However, our set-up already disables banner printing
and has been verified using the other printers on the net (locally and
remotely installed HP LaserJets).

Another correspondent suggested that I not set Printer Type to "PS" under the
AdminTool's Printer Manager as this option is fallible. Instead, he
suggested that I choose the "Other" option and set the printer type to "PS"
here. This was an interesting possibility that, unfortunately, did not
resolve the problem.

Finally, three submissions suggested, in the kindest of ways, variations on the
theme of RTFM :) No, seriously though, the QMS software and hardware support
people were highly recommended and I will undoubtedly give them a call, having
more or less given up on finding a solution on my own.

Thanks to all who responded and, once again, apologies for not being able to
give appropriate credit where it is due. I'll promise not to delete any more
files, ever.


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