SUMMARY: getcwd Permission denied problems

From: Gordon Kido SE12 4176 (
Date: Wed Nov 30 1994 - 13:06:55 CST

    My question was:

    Hi Sun managers:

     I am having Permission denied problems on a Sun workstation running
Solaris 2.3 with various patches installed. It occurs in certain directories
on several NFS mounted(automounted) filesystems. All the permissions on the
directories on both my workstation and the NFS server are set read and
execute for others. The directories are mounted read/write and are exported
read/write. When I tried to run the man pages in some of these
directories, I get the following message:
getcwd: Permission denied

At the top of that directory, if I try to use "cd ..", I get the message:
..: Permission denied

I would appreciate any assistance,

    Thanks to the following who responded:

Brett Lymn (
Christian Sebeke <>
Stefan Rauthenberg <rauthenberg@HHI.DE>
Pat Myrto <rwing!>
Russ Poffenberger <>
Peter Allan <>
Davin Milun <milun@cs.Buffalo.EDU>
Michael Myers <>
John Malick <>
Rob Vahsen <>

   The permissions on the underlying mount point weren't correct. I brought
the system down to single user mode. I changed the permissions on the
mount points to 755 for those which were causing me problems, and rebooted
the machine. I am now able to run the man pages, etc. without getting the
permission denied problems. Thanks again.

       Thanks, Gordon Kido


  Gordon Kido
  NWAC, Corona, CA
  Phone: (909)273-4176

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