SUMMARY: DNS MX problems

From: Darryl Wagoner-MIS Manager (
Date: Wed Nov 30 1994 - 09:31:50 CST


So far I have gotten 2 correct answer and I few telling me I need
to use Which I think is because I didn't make myself
clear enough, sorry!

Thanks to all who responded!


The first was from (Jochen Bern)

Do I understand correctly that you want all Mail going into to
be delivered on one central Server? If yes, then you need a Wildcard
in's MX Record, like in IN MX 100
   : : : :
* IN MX 100

The second was from Larry Chin <>

   what you probably need is a wildcard MX record that will allow resolution
   for all mail in the domain, something like:

        * IN MX 10

   Of course lemuria would have to be reachable.... hmmm looks like it is
   a ping responds. Yeah, so all you really need is the wildcard MX record
   which will cause all mail for hosts in your domain to be delivered to
   the host specified by the wildcard.

   Keep in mind that the wildcard only takes effect if there is no explictily
   specified MX record for a host.

   Hope this helps.


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