SUMMARY: Using a Exabyte 8200 tape in a 8500

From: Sun Managers at Telecom (
Date: Wed Nov 30 1994 - 11:46:56 CST

  There is no problem using a good quality 8mm tape in both a Exabyte 8200
2.3GB tape drive, and then using it in a Exabyte 8500c.

  The key is, good quality.

  Exabyte has designed their drives to upwardly compatible. So I can read a
tape from a 8200 on the 8500c and then, if I want to, write to that tape in
a 5GB compressed mode (7 to 10GB).

  I was using Sony MP-120 video tapes in the 8200, then when I tried to reuse
them in the 8500c, they gave an error message, and the dump would die.

  When I use a Maxell HS8/112 or a Sony data grade 8mm tape, there are no
problems going from a 8200 to an 8500c.

  As a seperate issue, unrelated to the quality of the tape, I found that my
Stacker unit (Exabyte 10e), that houses the 8500c, had a bad power supply.
This was causing all backups to fail reguardless of the tape. When I had the
power supply changed, it started working with the good tapes..

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