SUMMARY:PPP for SunOS 4.1.3

From: john surveyor (
Date: Wed Nov 30 1994 - 05:29:16 CST

Most people advised us to use ppp-2.1.2 available from or
this is what we have done and it has worked first time.

Other suggestions:

        Morning Star PPP (contactable as

We also received some suggestions about getting ppp-sunos4.1.p16 to work.

Thanks to: (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
"Robert Sturrock" <> (Brett Lymn)
Bryan Curnutt <curnutt@Stoner.COM> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Tim Evans)
John Valdes <>
Bala Ponampalam <>
Richard Skelton <>
Brian Clark <> (Chuan Y. Fu)

Original query:

We are trying to install PPP on a Sparc 1 machine. The version which
we are using is ppp-sunos4.1.p16.tar.Z which was ftp'd from
but we are getting compilation errors when making the kernel.
We have checked the configuration files many times without finding the problem.

Before we go any further does anyone know if this version of PPP can be
used with SunOS 4.1.3 (or is it specific to 4.1.1?). Is there a later version
or do we need to go with a commercial product ?

I dont have the specific details of the problem as Im passing this query on
from some else who just wants to make sure he not wasting his time.

John Surveyor
(02) 259 4523

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