SUMMARY: Compiling GNU gcc problems

From: Chance Eppinette (
Date: Wed Nov 30 1994 - 03:50:25 CST

Thanks to all you replied to my simple little question.
I was trying to compile GNU gcc 2.6.2 and ran into a little trouble.

>This was my problem:
>I am trying to compile any version right now of GNU gcc. I get quite a ways
>into the process when the make procedure blows up. I am compiling right now
>with SUNS SUNWspro/cc package. make is found in my path but here it is just
>incase I need something else:
> PATH=/export/home/SUNWspro/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin

>The following happens to me all the time whether I have tried SUNS cc or
>if I use a precompiled version of GNU gcc:

>if [ -d include ]; then true; else mkdir include; fi
>if [ -d objc ]; then true; else mkdir objc; fi
>thisdir1=`pwd`; \
>srcdir1=`cd .; pwd`; \
>cd objc; \
>make -f ${srcdir1}/objc/Makefile copy-headers \
>srcdir=${srcdir1} tooldir=/usr/share/sparc-sun-solaris2.3 AR="ar" AR_FLAGS="rc" \
>GCC_FOR_TARGET="${thisdir1}/xgcc -B${thisdir1}/" \
>GCC_CFLAGS=" -DIN_GCC -DSVR4 -g -I./include" incinstalldir=${thisdir1}/include
>sh: make: not found
>*** Error code 1
>make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `objc-headers'

Make was stopping when it entered into another directory because I had
forgotten to export the PATH statement. I had /usr/ccs/bin in the PATH but
it does no good if the rest of the world can not see it.

Well after I exported my PATH I was able to compile the compiler perfectly.
I went into stage1, stage2, & stage3 without any problems and I installed
from stage2.

Again, Thanks

Chance Eppinette
Northeast Louisiana University

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