SUMMARY: Problem with NIS map group on 4.1.3

From: Bernward Bretthauer (
Date: Mon Nov 28 1994 - 03:50:42 CST

I got one response from Carsten Hennig <> (Newsgroup
comp.sys.sun.admin) and this solved the problem:

Instead of doing a "make group" you had to simply "make". There is an
additional NIS map called netid, which is built from passwd, group and
hosts. If yo only "make", netid is updated, too. Without the changes in
netid, the new situation cannot be reflected by the system.

Carsten Hennig

Carsten Hennig, UNIX-Systemadministrator (
      GMD-I2.ITM, Dolivostr. 15, D-64293 Darmstadt, Germany
            Tel.: +49-6151-869889, Fax: +49-6151-869965

My original posting was:

>I have the following problem on SunOS 4.1.3:

>Last week, I changed the group file on the NIS master server and did a >"make group". Now on every machine I get the following output from the >"groups" command (my username is "brett"): >> groups >piv leidenfr pivusrs

>This is the old situation before my changes. But: >> groups brett >brett : leidenfr pivusrs pivboss aggrp piv

>This is the expected result.

>If I try to access a file with group ownership pivboss or aggrp, it does not work.

>Logging out and in again does not help. Even rebooting a client didn't change >anything.

>The commands "grpck" on the client and "grpck /var/etc/group" on the NIS server >don't display any error messages. The /etc/hosts file on the client only has >a + (and a newline) in it, ypcat group gives the expected results.

>Where does the machine get the old values from? >Any ideas?

>Please reply to, i will send a summary.

>Thanks in advance, > Bernward Bretthauer

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