SUMMARY: MTU/Packets/Fragmentation

From: Steve Dickson (
Date: Wed Nov 30 1994 - 00:34:08 CST

> Re: MTU, packet fragmentation.
> [stuff deleted]
> Assuming the router MTU configuration is fixed at 1500, what are the
> relative merits/drawbacks of:

> a) setting the host MTUs to 1500 and leaving fragmentation disabled,
> b) leaving the MTU at 2052 and enabling fragmentation and
> c) both dropping the MTU to 1500 AND enabling fragmentation?

> Which of these configurations (or possibly others) is likely to lead
> to better network performance? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

> BTW, we're running a 4/670 as server, with Sparc 2's and classics as
> clients. All platforms are running Solaris 2.3/SunOS 5.3.

Although the original note was submitted some time ago, no replies have been
forthcoming to date. I realize that the sun-net-managers group would have
been a more appropriate forum - however, the uunet mailing address seems to
be down.

I realize that there really isn't much point summarizing non existent responses,
but I did receive some summary requests. Sorry guys and gals.

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