SUMMARY: Setting root-window to some image

From: Morten K. Barfoed (
Date: Tue Nov 29 1994 - 21:54:34 CST

Dear all,

my original Q:

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Dear system-managers.

I have a luxury-problem, but still someone may
know how to do this: To make local system
administrators (us) look good, we'd like to
be able to set up images in the root-window.

I have found out how to set up a black-and-white
X-pixmap, by using the xsetroot-facility.

Still, that allows us to set up b/w-images, but
we have some really nice color-images that we'd
like to use. How do I do that ??

System: Sun OS 4.1.3, SS2's and SS10's, running

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Thanks sofar to:

saazer@grado.CV.COM,,,,, and

Two ways of doing it:

Either with xv (public domain) as:

/usr/bin/X11/xv -root -geometry 425x342 -quit -noresetroot <gif-file>

..setting geometry to something smaller than the whole screen will
cause the root-window to be tiled.

...or with xloadimage (public domain) as:

nice xloadimage -onroot -fullscreen -quiet <gif-file> &

I assume, that both tools can take other formats as well (at least
xv should be able to). I have only tried with xv, and it works fine
though it takes a little time for xv to set up the image.

Best regards:

Morten Krabbe Barfoed

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