SUMMARY: organizing disks!!

From: Erin O'Neill (
Date: Tue Nov 29 1994 - 04:53:27 CST

Hey you all came through again!
Original question:
> HELP!! I have a SparcClassic with 2 disks. The first disk is a
> small 207MB disk & the second disk is a 2.1 GB disk. The disks
> are organized thusly:
> Filesystem kbytes used avail capacity Mounted on
> /dev/sd0a 11455 5217 5093 51% /
> /dev/sd0g 134269 125174 0 104% /usr
> /dev/sd1g 1323814 200305 991128 17% /usr/local
> /dev/sd1a 371159 8059 325985 2% /var
> As you can see /usr is too full! What can I safely put onto /var &
> then ln -s over to /usr?? I need to do this ASAP - users are having
> trouble running /usr/local/bin programs.

The following people responded:

A lot of users recommended that I move /usr/openwin over to /var/openwin.
2 users told me I'd have future problems with upgrading (which I've heard
should be happening any day now with 4.1.4 :) ). But until I was ready to
tackle repartitioning move it. When I upgrade I'll move /var/openwin over
to it's own partition on the large disk as /usr/openwin.

BUT while I was reading sun-managers I read a summary on a question
very similar to mine (SUMMARY: root partition by,
on Thu. Nov 24th) Carlos said to use tar to copy NOT cp. So I read
the man pages on tar & there was the command. So I did the following:
I did a remote login to the SPARCClassic and as super user did:

cd /usr/openwin; tar cf -. |(cd /var/openwinl; tar xfBp -)
rm -r /usr/openwin
ln -s /var/openwin /usr/openwin

Then I logged onto the SPARCclassic & openwindows worked fine!

The Problem child was matlab running out of /usr/local/bin
and creating tmp files in /tmp. I first tweaked the config files
to point to /var/tmp which stopped the system from hanging. But
openwin was creating Text files in /tmp & this is still a problem. So
when I repartition I will probably move /tmp to it's own partition on
the larger disk...

thanks again!

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