SUMMARY: X on a LEO (ZX) frame buffer?

Date: Tue Nov 29 1994 - 03:37:40 CST

I have this ZX frame buffer, and I asked whether I could run X11R6 on it,
rather than Solaris 2.3's OpenWindows X server. The (very consistent) reply
was that:

    1) Sun's X isn't evil in 2.3; in fact, it's X11R5 + Display PostScript.
        It's just as fast as a MIT server. It also will optimize 3D calls from
        XPHIGS to use the ZX hardware.

    2) You'll never get MIT X running, since the driver interface to the
        frame buffer is unavailable.

I've sort of picked up a few general emotions from this list and other places,
such as "Solaris 2+ is evil, 2.2 is the height of evil, OpenWindows is an
ugly face on evilness. Always run 4.1.3 plus an MIT X server..." That's where
I got the idea. But since I need to run 2.3 on these boxes anyway (since there
are no X servers, Sun or MIT, that run with the ZX under 4.1.3), the truth is
that the Sun server is better than fine.

On another note, I sort of inherited these machines, so I don't know what makes
the ZX so great. Phil Race said to check out 'leotool' from sunsite to see
how great the ZX is. Does someone have a path to this file?

Thanks to the following helpful people for their notes:

    Casper Dik <>
    Timothy G Smith - Special Projects <tgsmith@Sun.COM>
    Tim Wort <>
    Stephen Hickey <>
    Phil Race - Sun UK - Answer Centre <Phil.Race@UK.Sun.COM>
    John Sutton <vitec!>
    Syd Weinstein <>
    Marc Michelsen <>


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