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Date: Thu Nov 24 1994 - 01:33:04 CST

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>Many thanks to the people who replied on this.
>The FLEXlm End User's Guide is available from Globetrotter Software.
>The telephone number for Highland Software is now 415 691 0804.
>Unfortunately, they sold FLEXlm to Globetrotter Software a few weeks ago
>to Globetrotter Software. THEIR telephone number is 408 255 5616 (or
>617 834 5933 in the Eastern States). Their e-mail is

A minor nit pick to correct some facts.

FLEXLM was developed by GlobeTrotter in the first place. They sold the
exclusive marketing rights to Highland Software many years ago, and
Highland did all the sales and configurations for their customers.
However, support tended to get fed back to GlobeTrotter since the
Highland software people did not really know the code well.

Recently, as a result of a settlement of a legal action, GlobeTrotter
retrieved the rights to the program and is now the owner once again.


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