SUMMARY: Reading 1 Gb SCSI Disk from MSDOS System

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Date: Fri Nov 25 1994 - 21:59:53 CST

Phew, this took a while before I could check this out.
Too much work I guess :-)

Anyway I tried to do this today.
Thanx to: (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Dances on keyboards (Louis Brune))
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My original question:
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We have a researcher involved in a measurement project running on a PC.
The measurements will be stored on a 1Gb SCSI disk which can be carried
to do offline calculations. The offline calculations will be done
on a Sun SparcStation IPX.

We need information for ordering hardware and software and it's rather urgent,
so I decided to ask this forum.

He was thinking of hooking up the disk on another PC with SCSI and
FTP the stuff, but I was thinking about a local solution with PCFS or Mtools
on the Sun just to offload our poor overloaded campus network with
huge amount of FTP's and the need of another big disk to store the data on the Sun.

So my question to this forum:

1 - is SunOS 4.1.3 capable of mounting a SCSI disk with a MS-DOS filesystem on
    just like mounting a DOS floppy ?

2 - If 1. is not possible, can this disk be acessed with Mtools ?

3 - are there other alternatives ( SunPC ? UNIX FS on PC ? Other H/W solutions )

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I hooked up a spare Seagate ST1480N on a Pentium system with
an Adaptec PCI controller.

FDISK -> FORMAT C: worked OK
XCOPY C: D: /E to copy a whole disk. OK

Hooked up to a Sun ELC SunOS 4.1.3.

Reboot complained about a corrupted label on the disk.
Mdir C: (Mtools 2.0.7) did not see the MSDOS partitioning.
mount -t pcfs /dev/rsd1c /mnt did not accept this either.
I think the DOS box did something nasty with the Disk label.

We decided this is too complicated to adapt it to a
production environment and try out other solutions.
(Why the H*ll is the only Standarized Filesystem ISO 9660 CDROM ?)
DOS removable hard disk packs does not seem to be accepted in SunOS.
Are there other solutions to solve this problem ? please let me know.


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