SUMMARY: Bug in XView Server package ??

From: Dave Plummer (
Date: Fri Nov 25 1994 - 21:37:08 CST

Dear all,

Well delete the ?? in the subject, it was.

My message included an example XView program which, when compiled here, failed
to exhibit correct PANEL_TEXT notification behaviour.

Linking the SERVER package ie including the keyword SERVER in an xv_create
which was never called, causes this to happen in the version of OW3 which
results from installing 4.1.3_u1 and applying the ow3_u1 patches from the CD.

The problem appears to have been introduced by one of the patches earlier
than u1 and appears on various patched 4.1.3 versions. It does not appear
on vanilla 4.1.3.

The solution for now is to link statically against the 4.1.3 FCS version of

The problem is now logged with bug number 1183209 it is hoped the the
forthcomming release of Solaris 1.1.2 (4.1.4??) will provide a definative

Thanks to all who compiled my program and reported the results or suggested
patches. It worked for most of you, which may mean that people who keep up
to date on patches have no time to read their email.

Thanks to:

Thanks also to Ian Prior and Dave Tong of the UK Sun Hotline who reproduced
and catagorised the problem for me.


Dave Plummer, Dept of Medical Physics, UCL Hospitals, London, UK

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