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Date: Thu Nov 24 1994 - 20:35:44 CST

Greetins Sun managers:

  Sorry for the delay in the summary, but I've been sick and having other
problems with my network (remember my second disk... it broke down,
a physical defect :(

Here is my original posting:

On Nov 14, 12:44pm, Carlos E. Caicedo wrote:
> Subject: root partition
> Greetings:
> I have a problem with a SS10 with SunOs 4.1.3_U1. The / (root)
> partition is filling up, and I don't want to format the entire disk and
> make the partition larger. I have another disk on the machine and my idea
> was to /tmp directory on a directory called /usr2/tmp on the second disk,
> after doing that I'd put a link for /tmp to /usr2/tmp. In this way all
> the temporary files would be created on the second disk which has lots of
> space. Is this a good idea?
> I tried to do it but I just can't move two files, they are :
> /tmp/.X11-unix/X0 and /tmp/.NeWS-unix/N0

Many of the replies that I got suggested to put the /var directory in
another partition and in doing so I would free up much more space in the /
partition that if I only moved /tmp. I did this and it really solved my
problem. Remeber to edit the fstab file and put /var as a mount directory
in the new disk partition, be sure the access permissions are set up right
and reboot.

Moving /tmp to another partition also looks like a normal practice, in any
case you have to user the tar command so that hidden files and symbolic
links won't be lost. (don't use cp !!)

Some also suggested doing loopback mounts of /var and /tmp on a free disk
partition. Another suggestion and a very interesting one, was to put /tmp
in memory via the tmpfs command, it looks like a real performance enhancer
if you have enough memory, so I' ll sure give it a try.

Some also mentioned that linking or moving /tmp to another partition may
cause trouble when booting up in single user, since only the / and /usr
partition are set up, and so any program that needs to create temporary
files (like vi) would not be able to do so.

Oh, and about those two files... they are files that are created each time
X windows is started so there's no problem deleting them. (but you can't
be in X windows when you do it!).

Many thanks to all those who replied:

vx!squid! (Stephen Potter) (Patrick Buryk)
Dave Hightower <> (Bob Leck) (John Malick)
Gregory A. Parmer <>
Tom Orban <> (Michael Sullivan) (Steve Ehrhardt) (Aline Runde) (Cindy Yoho)
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