SUMMARY: batch problem

From: Donald McLachlan (
Date: Thu Nov 24 1994 - 20:33:14 CST

After working on this problem much of the afternoon, (and after
posting the problem report) someone here guessed what to do.

The solution is:

        batch script1

Where script 1 contains

        /usr/bin/nice -19 script2

[note it does not work if you replace /usr/bin/nice with nice]
[also note batch /usr/bin/nice -19 script does not work either, why?]

Script 2 just starts the jobs you wish to run ... weird huh.

Sorry for bothering all of you.


---- original post follows ----

We have users which wish to "batch" program to run when system load
permits. They also want to scavange unused CPU cycles only (nice -19).
How can one start jobs (using batch or at) so that their nice level
is set to 19?

We have read the nice/batch/at man pages, and cannot get this to work


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