SUMMARY - Backups in a Heterogeneous Environment

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Date: Thu Nov 24 1994 - 17:09:00 CST

Sorry about delay in reponse to this query...

**************Original Question *********

We have a network of various SunSparc 10s (Solaris 2.3),
Sparc2s(SunOS 413), & LX (Solaris 2.3)which are backed up in a
conventional way using a full and incremental strategy to a
4mm DAT drive on a Sparc 10. We also have 70+ PCs running
PC-NFS (5.1) in an MS-Windows environment which share network
drives on the Suns.Here lies the problem.

I'm investigating extending our backup strategy to allow the
PC's local disks to be backed up to tape, possibly using
2 * 2.3GB 8mm EXABYTE tape drives which are at present rarely used
sitting on a Sparc 2 (SunOS413).

Does anyone know of a method whereby the PC local disk's backups can
be made straight onto the tape, with the application(s) managing the
tape transfer allows for reliable transfer, tape block hostname
labelling and emailed reports on the backup job!


The general concensus of opinion is that I should check out
Legato Networker which apparently supports a number of client
platforms including PCs. Also mentioned were:-

OpenV Netbackup v1.6.2. - Pretty reliable.
                          The package also has a volume
                          management piece which is pretty good.
BudTool - Works sometimes/not others.
                          Their compression/decompression breaks
                          things and they are commandline based.
Epic - Expensive but did wonderful things,
                          it's niche is data migration.
PC/TCP's tar facility - ie dump PC-NFS! Hmmmm

Many thanks to the following for their correspondence:
        Michael Daley <> - no Apple Mac info forthcoming, sorry
        Ian Angles <> - speak to you soon...

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