SUMMARY: NP 2.2 crashing Hosts? Anyone confirm this? (Yes and No.)

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Thu Nov 24 1994 - 04:32:15 CST

I wrote:
> I've been having Problems with our new Fileserver, as most of
> you know. These Problems are currently pushed back by gradually trying
> to avoid NeWSprint 2.2. In Detail,
> So my main Question is, can anyone confirm that switching off a SPARCprinter
> (any Printer?) driven by NP 2.2 (NP at all?) is likely to produce obscure
> Crashes? Should I consider Life fine, or go on to take the Cluster out
> of Production for a Stress Test on the Disks (not being able to reliably
> reproduce / trigger the Malfunction in the first Place)?

Only one Answer to this, from Birger A. Wathne <>:
Yes, taking down Printers without stopping the Queues (using lpc) is
considered a bad_Thing (tm), and Crashes have been attributed to it.

Now, with one Printer moved to another Host and the second one staying
up 24h a Day, my Fileserver just reached 31.5 Days Uptime. Yippie!

One Day when I can't stand Life being so beautiful anymore, I'll test
the Configuration when the Printer's powered down with the Queue
stopped. Might be some Time til then. ;-)

> Two correlated, but less important, Questions while I'm on the Topic:
> I've been observing frequent "can't contact Printer sparc" Message Pop-
> ups; I'm running the NP 2.2 nptool. And I'ld like to use the diag Stuff
> in NP's driver Directories, too, however, there are no Docs. Anybody able
> to shed some Light on these, too?

No Answers to these.

Thanks again,
                                                                        J. Bern

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