SUMMARY: NIS on Solaris 2.3

From: Derald McMillan (
Date: Thu Nov 24 1994 - 01:52:02 CST

I would like to thank all of the people who responded to my query. The
correct answer was to get the SUNnskit from SUN. The product number is
NIS-PSITE and the price is $125 (US). But be warned that there is a
patch you need to install if you get this kit and the patch number is:
101363-06 and you would need to get this from SUNSOLVE if you have a service
contract with them.

Again thanks to all those mentioned below.

Jonathan C. Davis <>
David Deardoff <>
Mike Rembis <>
Roger Harmston <rogerh@carver.DataFlux.BC.CA>
Bill Maggio <>
Steve Lee <>
Peter Samuel <>
Ulla Fischer <>
Paulo Licio de Geus <>
Bert Robbins <brobbins@Newbridge.COM>
Srinivasa R. Yalav <>
John Malick <>
Dave <>
Tim Cuckston <>

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