SUMMARY: what's under a mounted filesystem?

From: Hap Hinrichs (
Date: Wed Nov 23 1994 - 05:44:15 CST

Ladies and Gentlemen:

A few days ago I asked:

> For about the third time in the last couple of days and sporadically
> before that it has been useful and important to find out what the
> structure under a mounted filesystem is. Of course it's not possible
> to unmount the filesystem to do that because it's in use. Is there
> any way to do this that works for any and all mounts including
> automounts? If it makes a difference this relates to SunOS 4.1.x

There are of course multiple ways to do this:

1) read the raw device and interpret the structure
2) boot -s and examine the structure before any mounts - I knew
        this but shutting down is seldom practical
3) use a dump | restore pipe to examine the structure since dump
        will do the underlying file system
4) export (if necessary) the underlying system and mount it
        somewhere; this has the advantage of being able to see the
        ownership and permissions

Thanks to the following for their rapid and accurate responses.

Ric Anderson <ric@Artisoft.COM>
raoul@MIT.EDU (Rob Vahsen) (John Hearns - System Manager) (Steve_Kilbane) (John P. Linderman)
Chip Christian <>
etnibsd! (Steve Harris)
Ian MacPhedran <>
Dave Fetrow <> (Perry Hutchison) (F. L. Charles Seeger III)

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