SUMMARY: No default frame buffer, 4.1.3_U1

From: Cindy Yoho (
Date: Tue Nov 22 1994 - 01:12:24 CST

Thanks for all your helpful responses. My original post was:

>I just downgraded (don't ask!) a Sparc 10 to SunOS 4.1.3_U1 (from Solaris 2.3)
>and now when I boot using the GENERIC kernel, I get the error "No default frame
>buffer found". Sunsolve suggests checking the permissions/major/minor codes
>on /dev/fb and /dev/cg* with those on a working system running the same OS.
>I did this and they are the same. Anyone have a solution?

Solution - The ZX frame buffer card is not supported under Solaris 1.x
Only solution is to run Solaris 2.x or replace the frame buffer with a GX
or something that is supported under Solaris 1.x.

Other suggestions included:

  Boot the Solaris 2.3 OS again just to make sure the hardware is still working.

  Do you have the "winxx" devices present in /dev ?? This will also cause you
  to get the error messages that you are seeing. To make the win devices, use
  MAKEDEV command in /dev. ( Example: MAKEDEV win0 makes win devices win0-31.
  MAKEDEV win1 makes devices win32-63, etc ... ).

  Another thing that could cause the problem is no pty's in /dev.

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