SUMMARY: Upgrade fromOS4.1.1 to 4.1.3_U1

From: John Smith (
Date: Sun Nov 13 1994 - 14:59:30 CST

In my message I wrote:

>Hi there,

>I upgraded my Sun4/330 machine from SunOS 4.1.1 to SunOS 4.1.3_U1.
>I used the following command :

> sunupgrade -v -x/usr/tmp/volatile-list

>Based on the output that was displayed on the screen, everything seemed ok.

>After the upgrade, I modified rc.local and some of the files that I have
>customized before (, fstab, and inetd.conf).

>I was able to log in to the system and use sunview with no problem at all.

>I tried to use openwin and to my surprise, I got the following error
> dlopen: Stub interception failed

>My OPENWINHOME is setup to /usr/openwin
>My LD_LIBRARY_PATH is setup to : $OPENWINHOME/lib
>$OPENWINHOME/bin is in my path

>If I run any X application under /usr/openwin/bin I get the same error.
>I checked /usr/lib/ and I did ldconfig on /usr/lib but with no >results.

>During the upgrade, sunupgrade deleted openwin2.0 and installed openwin3.0.

>I talked to a Sun tech and he suggested doing a complete Install instead of
>an upgrade. He said that something went wrong during the upgrade
>(eventhough I did not see any indication of errors).

The solution was mentioned by Birger A. Wathne ( He wrote:

>>I have seen one problem with sunupgrade. It makes backup copies of
>>libraries in /usr/lib by adding .413 to their names. The dynamic loader
>>then sees these libraries with version number .413, and decides they are
>>newer than the 413_U1 ones. 'mv' is statically linked, so try:
>># cd /usr/lib
>># mv *.so.*413 *.sa.*413 /tmp
>># ldconfig

This did the trick. I moved the taged to a temp directory
and I was able to use open window and its clients.

Thanks to Birger and everybody who responded.

J. Smith

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