SUMMARY: 8mm tape w/stacker recommendation

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Date: Sat Nov 19 1994 - 05:07:39 CST

original post:
> We're looking for a 5 gbyte (uncompressed) 8mm tape drive with an
> attached stacker to be attached to a sparcstation lx. Does anyone
> have any recommendations?

1. Exabyte 10-i (3 votes) ~$8.8k
    8500c drive, dip switches in back, 10 tapes
    vendors: Transitional Technology Inc (pricey),
              Comtec automated solutions ph/fax 713-935-3666/713-935-3650
              AP Unix Computer Services ph 1-800-827-8649 ext 102

2. Exabyte 10-e (3 votes) ~$9.2k
    8500c drive, LCD display & control panel, 10 tapes
    vendor: Andataco

3. Artecon 100-GB 8mm Robotic Tape Library (1 vote) ~$9825

4. Exabyte-210 stacker/.5 height drive ~$7.5k
    8505/8505xl drives - 8505xl recommended, handles both 120m and 160m
      tapes giving 5gb and 7gb storage capability. 10 tapes. The
      stacker is compatible with exabyte "Mammoth" 20gb drive (expected
      in '95). Info from call to sales rep.
    vendor: Comtec automated solutions

Sun, unfortunately, does not offer a tape stacker.

Apparently Legato Networker is some product and is highly favored.
Legato Jukebox/backup ride on top of Networker. An additional
Legato option is required for heterogeneous network backups.

Brad Burdick indicated that the Exabyte 10-e stacker system requires
2 scsi ids, 1 for tape & 1 for stacker. This is probably true of the
10-i as well. Don't know about the Exabyte-210.

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