Summary: QuickTime reader/writer software (library) under SunOS?

Date: Sat Nov 19 1994 - 00:36:17 CST


     Eric De Mund <> in <>:
     ] Does anyone know if there's any software available under SunOS that can
     ] read and write Apple QuickTime movies? Are there QuickTime libraries
     ] available? I need to develop software that translates between a set of
     ] image files in our in-house format and QuickTime.

     (8) XAnim. Is an X11 client that plays Quicktime as well as FLI,
         FLC, IFF, DL, Amiga PFX, Amiga MovieSetter, Utah RLE, and AVI
         animations, as well as GIF87a, GIF89a. amd Utah RLE images.
         Home URL is Author
         is Mark Podlipec <>.
     (4) Me too!

     I was looking for a library and not an application, but I may be
     able to make do with XAnim's source. (I have yet to look at it in

Eric De Mund <>

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