Summary: Solaris 2.3 & Ultrix 3.1 NFS

From: Stephen P. Schaefer (
Date: Fri Nov 18 1994 - 14:04:35 CST

The answer is: root was in more than eight groups, which confused
Ultrix 3.1. This is mentioned in the Solaris FAQ, which I will now
re-read from beginning to end. I'd already experienced the same
problem in late model SunOS 4.1.X, but only with users who couldn't
get to the NFS mounted file system after those file systems and
successfully mounted. I'd never had root in that many groups before,
but the Sun distributed /etc/group file brought the total groups for
root to eleven.

Leigh Hume warns that various command line options to mountd under
Ultrix, intended to increase security, could cause the same effect.

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