SUMMARY: SunLink Token Ring Interface 3.0 for Solaris 2.x

From: Canning, Nigel (
Date: Thu Nov 17 1994 - 11:32:12 CST

     Sorry for the delay with the summary. We've only just received our
     cards from Sun.
     I asked about people's experiences with the SunLink Token Ring
     Interface 3.0 for Solaris 2.x before we install a couple of cards
     I received replies from...
  (Yves Hardy) (Martin Hofbauer Bacher Systems EDV)
     sunuru!gfried@Sun.COM (Gustavo Fried) (Mark Sigler)
     Thankyou to all these people.
     There are a number of mandatory patches available depending on the
     version of the software in use. You should also apply all the Solaris
     2.x mandatory patches (especially 101318-xx).
     Version 3.0 requires 101357-01 TRI/S 3.0: Token Ring Jumbo patch
     Version 3.0.1 requires 101751-05 TRI/S 3.0.1: Token Ring patch
     These patches solve performance problems, interface hangs etc. You
     also require a certain hardware revision level on the SBus card if you
     intend to use the card in SPARCcentre 1000/2000 machines. You have to
     check with Sun what level is required.
     It was also rumoured that there will be a new version of the SBus card
     at some time (V 3.1).
     Our recent TRI/S Sun Express Europe order has an SBus card with a
     hardware modification and came with Version 3.0.2 software. It does
     not state what patches have been integrated into this release, but the
     release notes seem to indicate that they have been integrated.
     Nigel Canning
     White Cross Systems
     Bracknell, UK

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