SUMMARY: ftp via Modem

From: Ashok Sharma (
Date: Thu Nov 17 1994 - 04:24:49 CST

   Many thanks to everyone who responded to my original question.
   I have decided to go with the zmodem protocol with rzsz.

   Happy holidays

On Mon, 14 Nov 1994, Ashok Sharma wrote:

> Hi Managers
> I need to setup a system so that users who dialin to the Sun can
> get their reports, files onto their pc.
> Are there any file transfer programs available to do this?.
> We are using Procomm plus for windows, hayes modem, 14k speed
> on SunOs 4.1.3.
From: Gautam Das <>
Kermit. If you can set up a slip/ppp connection then you can use ftp.

From: (Michael Covington)
Have you looked into kermit? That is a pretty simple, easy to use package that
will allow a data transfer over a modem. I know for a fact that it will
transfer in ascii, but binary might be questionable. You might just want to
look into it as an option.
From: (Bob Leck)
Your best bet is to get 'Kermit'. It is shareware and is supported by most all
PC communication packages.
From: (Mark S. Anderson)
You will need to run an ftp daemon on each of the PCs, and they will
have to remain powered on at all times.

Stephen P Potter Varimetrix Corporation
There are literally hundreds of different programs for this, and you don't need
to use FTP (although you can). Any of the normal download protocols that you
would use on BBSs will work, such as kermit, xmodem, ymodem or zmodem. You'll
probably need to find the software for these (do an archie search for them).
 I'd suggest xmodem or zmodem.

If you want to go a little more high tech, you could set up SL/IP or PPP
(Serial Line Internet Protocol or Point-to-Point Protocol) which would allow
your users to have multiple sessions, run x-based programs on their local
displays and FTP.

From: (John Justin Hough)

  With procomm you have a number of download options. I use kermit,
  because both the protocol and the programs are public domain. Kermit
  also has a nice language to write configuration scripts.

From: Mike Blandford <>
Use sz/rz. This is send zmodem and receive zmodem. Procomm has these
protocols built in so you only need to get for the sun.

From: David Fan <david@magma.COM>
When people dialin to Sun, they can use kermit or zmodem to transfer
their files(binary/Ascii). Procomm Plus supports both of this protocols.

From: (Birger A. Wathne)
Why not set up PC-NFS using SLIP or PPP, and NFS mount the drives?
Your users can then either copy the files to local drives, and
disconnect, or they can work online. I guess this would be easier for
users to understand, as well.

From: Gary Merinstein <>
I might be wrong about this, but i think that if you setup your users to
dial in using term ( somewhat freely available on numerous ftp sites) you
could then ftp the reports onto their pc's.

From: (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
Get hold of zmodem for the Sun, use archie to look for the package
'rzsz' which also does xmodem and ymodem protocols. They would use it
by printing their reports, etc, to a file and then using 'sz filename'
to upload to their pc.

From: Dave Fetrow <>
 The most robust commonly available program is "c-kermit", available from Properly configured it is quite speedy but the
default setups are quite slow. If you are serious about it; buying the
book is an extremely good idea.

 Freeware PC versions are also available there (heck, versions for PDP-10's
or anything else are there).

 Most commercial terminal emulators support kermit but only in it's slow
oldfashioned configuration.

 The fastest commonly available program is "zmodem" available from
simtel20 mirrors under then name "sz". It also supports xmodem and
ymodem. The freeware version has given us occasional problems.

 Most commercial terminal emulators support zmodem.

From: (Chuan Y. Fu)
you can use sz to send via zmodem protocol.

From: (Tony Bui)
You should check out the software call Exceed 4 ( By Humming Bird).
Or call this number (905) 470-1203 for more info.

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