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Date: Thu Nov 17 1994 - 02:54:59 CST

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> Greetings.
> I am setting up a server (SunOS 4.1.3) which will be
> our NIS master. I do not want users to have accounts
> on this machine - I just want it to serve the maps.
> To that end all the NIS files are stored in a non-standard
> location (/etc/nis) including the password file.
> What I need now is a program that will operate on the
> password file (in it's new location). I have installed
> npasswd however it looks like it will take a little work
> to get it in shape. Even with the #def location of the
> passwd file changed in the Makefile (compiling for
> NIS) I still get a "No such user" message if the account
> is not in the /etc/passwd file.
> Any one have experience here or at least some suggestions
> (aside from losing NIS).

Many thanks to those who responded. I wanted to use npasswd
over the yppasswd program and utilize the security afforded.
Given the responses I think I was a bit misleading in my question,
though the quick response and support was well appreciated.
I have had no problems configuring npasswd and sun's NIS
to use an NIS file in an alternative locations (making changes
to /var/yp/Makefile, starting rpc.yppasswd pointing at the
alt passwd file, etc..) so my problem wasn't getting the passwd
maps updated. My real problem was getting a new entry set
up with a temporary passwd before I made the maps. I have
a homegrown account installation package that we are using
and, after adding a new account to the /etc/nis/password file,
I needed a way to set a temporary password. Using yppasswd
would work if I updated the maps first (leaving me some time with
an account with no passwd). I realized, however, that there was
really no need to worry with npasswd on this main NIS host
(the temporary passwords I assign are not easily guessed) so I could
use /bin/passwd -F/etc/nis/passwd {user} to set the temp
password. After this I can use either yppasswd or npasswd
from the client machines in my domain and update the maps
as expected.

Again thanks to those who responded: (Randy Olsson ISG) (Dale Bennett) (Dan Zegarac) (Cindy Yoho) (Andy Feldt) (Gary Richardson)
Lenny Turetsky <> (Larry Ash 537 235-5450) (Ron Spillane) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
Mark Gilmore

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