SUMMARY: Sparc670 boot device

From: joe merola (
Date: Thu Nov 17 1994 - 00:52:21 CST

Hi All,

Solution for my problem boils down to:

  Run /usr/kvm/mdec/installboot on the device. I did not do this! ;(

Thanks to all who responded, and apologies for saying "ick!" to IPI.

The original question:.........................
We have a Sparc 670 w/SunOS4.1.3 and an IPI (expletive deleted) controller.

Recently, we added a scsi card to the sbus and hooked up scsi drives - for
all but root partition. All worked fine. We then daisy-chained another
drive (yes, and correctly set the device switch on it) on the scsi bus with
a copy of the root partition.

How do I make that the boot device? I tried changing the boot-device at the
ok> prompt, but to no avail (syntax problem maybe?). The IPI's are still on
line and will remain so.

probe-scsi-all sees the new drive - its there alright, just need to boot to it.

Thanks to all again!

Joe Merola
Norden Systems Inc.
Norwalk, CT

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