SUMMARY: Solaris PPP and Cisco 500 terminal server integration

From: Christopher Doane (
Date: Thu Nov 17 1994 - 00:41:02 CST

The solution actually came from Sun support: The ipdptp0
interface needed to be configured so that the local address
was the one allocated by the port on the terminal server,
the remote address set to that of the terminal server.
The default route needed to be set to the terminal server
address as well, it worked like a charm.

Thanks very much to Daniel R. Bidwell for his suggestion
to use traceroute to troubleshoot what was going on.

Hope this summary helps someone else in the future.

Christopher Doane

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Sun Managers:

Has anyone experience in integrating the Solaris implementation
of PPP with the Cisco 500 terminal server? I am thus far able to
connect from a standalone machine to the terminal server, and I
can see from the log file on the Solaris end that the configuration
was successful - netstat -i confirms that packets are being
transferred over the ipdptp0 interface, but I cannot connect to
hosts on the remote network no matter what I try.

The ipdptp0 interface is set to the local address and the address
statically allocated by a port on the terminal server as the remote
address. When I try to ping the remote address, the system dials
out and connects, but the ping timesout. I've tried every
conceivable combination of static routes, nothing has enabled me
to break through.

An odd note: After the system first dials in, a check on the
interface configuration reveals that the remote address has changed
to the address of the terminal server. I thought this was pretty
significant, and experimented with using the server address as the
remote destination for configuring the interface - but I got no
further, pings and telnet would hang and timeout.

I feel as if I'm either very close to figuring this out, or that it
is completely impossible. Any help would be tremendously appreciated.


Christopher Doane

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