SUMMARY: Connections to Solaris 2.x from term server

Date: Wed Nov 16 1994 - 08:36:22 CST

I have yet to find the answer I was looking for. The responses point to the
fact that I have to manually set the TERM variable. I was looking for an
automatic detection, like Solaris 1.x. The TERM variable is set to 'sun' on
every login. I did not want to give the users a menu of terminal types,
every time they logged in.

Thanks to the following who responded:
        Harleigh R Fairall <> (Ruud v.d. Poelgeest) (Andy Feldt)
        Davin Milun <milun@cs.Buffalo.EDU>

Original Message:
>We have a number of vtxxx Terminals connected to an EMULEX Terminal Server
>on a network connected to Sun's running Solaris 1.x and 2.x.
>When someone connects to a Solaris 1.x system the TERM variable is set to
>the appropriate type of terminal.
>But, connecting to a Solaris 2.x system, the TERM variable is always set
>to sun. Does anyone know a way for the Solaris 2.x system to recognize the
>correct Terminal Type.

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