SUMMARY: 3/80 eeprom values for boot device

From: Dave Mitchell (
Date: Tue Nov 15 1994 - 11:41:26 CST

I asked:

Can anyone tell me what eeprom locations must be set on a 3/80
to change the default boot path (ie from "vmunix" to something else)?

paul@dragon (Paul E. Silun) [should that be]
gave the required info:

Set location 0x70b to value 12.
        06 = normal boot
        12 = diagnostic mode
        all else = full diagnostic boot


sugested that I could instead do a binary edit of the boot file,
replacing "vmunix\0\0\0\0..." with the new kernel name.

Since the 3/80s will all be booting diskless, I have just hacked the
single file /tftpboot/boot.sun3x.sunos.4.1.1 file, and now they all
get the right kernel file.

Thanks to you both,


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