SUMMARY: can't access /dev/zero anymore (Sol2.3) ...

From: Wagner Hide Ikeda (
Date: Tue Nov 15 1994 - 02:32:32 CST

Greetings Managers,

There is a very simple way to see what's wrong ...
Just check permissions for /dev /devices. I forgot to do it (it was around
midnight ... :( ).
Somehow, something (or someone) changed the permissions of my /devices to 666.
So no access to /dev/zero.

Many thanks to:

Paulo ( and Mike (Mike.Sullivan@Sun.COM) who opened my eyes
to that problem.

Birger Wathne ( who suggested to boot single-user
from CDROM (boot cdrom -s) and untar /dev from distribution files.

Aidan ( who suggested to apply kernel patch 101318-59
(now it is 101318-64 - friday I looked at

Original question:

>Greetings Managers,

>Suddenly my machine (SS10SX; Solaris 2.3 - no patches applied) started to
>deny access to /dev/zero to anyone except root. No suspicious events were
>observed or logged, except that a DAT drive was removed and the machine was
>rebooted without touching /reconfigure (it was done later).

>When someone tries to log into the machine it responds:

> -ksh: fatal: /dev/zero: can't open file: errno=13

>I checked the permissions for /devices/pseudo/mm@0:zero and it seems to be ok

>I'll appreciate any help, and I'll issue a summary later.

>Thank you very much.
>Best regards,

>Wagner Ikeda


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