SUMMARY: 101318-59 broke NFS?

From: John Saunders (
Date: Mon Nov 14 1994 - 03:08:15 CST

I got a lot of mail in response to my query, the good parts of which
follow. Thanks to all!

Did anyone call these things into Sun? I didn't find much on Sunsolve
(nothing unusual about that).

FWIW, on Friday the current patch was 101318-64 (!!). As part of our
Platinum service agreement's 99% uptime guarantee, we must stay current
on recommended patches. We apply patches 1 to 2 times a month. No,
I'm not kidding, and no it wasn't my idea. Lately I've gotten my rant
on this subject tuned down to about 1 minute in length, which isn't
enough time for foam to begin forming on my mouth. But enough of

101318-54 ran just fine for well over a month! Darn it! There I go
again! :-)


From: wwtz@CHBS.CIBA.COM (Wolfgang Wetz R1045.P24 75425)

I've found just another failure with 101318-59: installed on a SS-5 with
Newsprint 2.5 it broke the spooling to the SPARCprinter: the job printed
but then it hanged around and would'nt finish (blocking the print queue,

After backing it out and re-installing 101318-54 all was back to normal.

My advice would be not to install 101318-59.


From: (Russell David)

I saw a packet trace from snoop which showed that read requests were
retransmitted 4 or 5 times when more than ~1300 bytes were requested.
The trace showed that the response was received. It also showed that
the amount of data being read increased with each read until it hit
that 1300 byte threshold. I wouldn't install the patch.


From: Jorge Portugal Andrade <> Regarding patch 101318, my experience says you should _NOT_ install the latest versions. Try use 101318-54 for now, and try to obtain some feedback about recent ones.


From: Anchi Zhang <anchi@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>

Please summarize or send me mail on what you have found. Our machines with 101318-58 serving NFS to SunOS 4.1.x machines seems functional, though they are not on NIS yet.


From: "Frank 'Scruffy' Miller" <Frank.Miller@master.CNA.TEK.COM>

Didn't break nfs here with sp10 and sp20's with 2.3.


From: Graeme Robertson <>

We were told not to go to it yet. "There have been some strange problems arise recently" was our Sun reps words I think!


>From Wed Nov 9 04:45:21 1994

Hi, I know for sure that 101558-02, the Solaris 1 libc patch, definitely breaks NFS for Solaris 2 machines i.e. Sol 2 machines can no longer mount Sol 1 filesystems. This occurs with Sol2 patched to 101318-45 or 54....

My Sun support man said that 101318-59 would fix this, so if you learn anything different I'd appreciate a Summary to sun-managers...

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