SUMMARY: DNS(?) messages flooding console

From: Hap Hinrichs (
Date: Fri Nov 11 1994 - 22:49:19 CST

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Yesterday I asked...

>.. Ladies and Gentlemen:
>.. The console of my 4/490 (4.1.1) has been flooded the past two
>.. days with messages like the one below; to the point that the
>.. console is unusable. It would certainly seem to be a DNS type
>.. problem (the machine is the name server for our domain, a level
>.. below the corporate one) but how do I find out who/what/where
>.. the culprit is?
>.. ...

The problem was that ypserv has been running (for years) with the -d
option. As several of the below pointed out, the man page says that -d
is for DNS, but is actually a debug option. After killing ypserv and
restarting without -d the messages have stopped. This does leave
unanswered what had suddenly caused all of the messages after all these
years, but that is a question for another day. There was also a
suggestion to check named to see if it was running with the debug
options set; it wasn't.

Thanks to:

Casper Dik <>
Claus Assmann <>
david@srv.PacBell.COM (David St. Pierre)

and any others that come in after this.

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