SUMMARY: how can I modify disk defect list

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Date: Fri Nov 11 1994 - 21:47:13 CST

Attached at the end is my original question. Summary:

I couldn't delete defects from the disk defect list via the format program. So Sun Managers suggested that I should relabel the disk. I did, but initially things hadn't changed.
Then I used the format>partition option of format, and discovered that the only partition, c, was not defined correctly - it started from block number 1 and did not include all the disk blocks.
So I checked the setting on another disk, and set the same parameters on the defective disk. I then repaired it with fsck, and now it works again. Meno male..

Thanks to the following people for the very fast replies:

Original question:
I am using an Alphatronix 5 1/4" 600Mb optical disk drive on a Sparcstation 2 running Sunos 4.1.3.

Unfortunately I misused an Alphatronix diagnostic program, and it added some optical disk blocks to the defect list. These blocks are not defective.
What happened was that I started a surface analysis of the disk without the disk in the drive, and inserted it once the program had started. The program decided that the blocks that it could not read (because the disk was not in the drive) were bad, and added them to the defect list.

Now I would like to access the defect list manually, or delete it completely to create a new one, but I don't have the tools/knowledge to do so.
The disk can be manipulated with the Sun standard sd disk commands (like format), but format has options for adding defects, not one to "remove" defects.

I ran surface analysis a second time on the disk, and 0 defective blocks are reported, trouble is that the existing defect list remains. I don't know much about C programming by the way.

Can anyone help ? Obviously the disk (and the data) is not mine...


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