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Date: Thu Nov 10 1994 - 10:55:05 CST

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>Date: Thu, 10 Nov 94 13:57:38 EST
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>hope the information below helps...
>> Hi All,
>> Among the following workstations which memory is compatible
>> Sparcstation II
>> IPC
>> IPX
>> SparcClassic
>> ELC
>> SLC
>- 4Mb Sparcstation II simms are compatible with the IPC. (1)
>- 4Mb SLC memory with part # 501-1698 is compatible with the ELC. (2)
>- 4Mb ELC memory with part # 501-1812 is compatible with the IPX,
>- 16Mb ELC memory with part # 501-1822 is compatible with the IPX also.
>- SparcClassic memory is only compatible with the Sparc LX. (3)
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[Ed. Where other people differ:]

1) Going from a SPARCstation I to a II may cause some problems due to memory
   speed. The general consensus was if they fit (i.e. the same number of pins)
   and they work you should be OK i.e. no speed problems.

2) As far as I know, SLC simms are unique as of the last ones we ordered (about
   2 years ago.) [Ed. I guess I'd use rule number 1. First see if they fit then
   see if they work. If you look at the latest SunExpress catalog they don't
   even sell SLC memory any longer which would leed me to believe that SLC and
   ELC memory are compatible.]

3) IPX memory will fit in a SPARCclassic and visa versa however SPARCclassic
   memory is faster which implies that IPX memory may not work in a Classic.
   As memory serves me right IPX memory will work in a Classic no matter what
   the speed you might just have a slower overall memory response on you box

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