Corrected Summary "Secure vs Unsecure Terminals"

From: Jim Coker (
Date: Thu Nov 10 1994 - 23:47:10 CST

Sorry, but my first summary wasn't exactly right. Thanks to all who told me where the mistake was.

(1) The boot block of the boot disk is loaded by the boot monitor(OBP) which
    tells where locate the /boot file. This /boot file is loaded and it loads
    and runs the appropriate kernel. (/vmunix is the default)
    The root (/) file system(ONLY) is mounted at this time.
(2) The init daemon is started
(3) init runs rc.boot. rc.boot initializes the network interface and then mounts
    the /usr file system in read only mode. It then begins to fsck the (/) and
    /usr filesystems.
(4) If fsck completes with no erors then rc.single is executed which remounts
    (/) and /usr read/write. If there was an error with fsck then rc.boot does
    not execute and the (/) and /usr file systems are left mounted read only.

If you are booting to singleuser mode. This is all. If you are going to
multiuser mode the next steps are executed.

(5) init invokes /etc/rc
(6) rc executes /etc/rc.local
(7) If /etc/rc.local is finished the control is given back to /etc/rc
(8) If /etc/rc finished the system is up

Thanks for all the help and sorry the first summary was not quite exact.

Jim Coker

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