SUMMARY: File to Tape Stream

From: Kevin A. Noll (
Date: Thu Nov 10 1994 - 21:01:30 CST

Thanks very much to all who replied...

There were several suggestions to solve this problem. Most people
suggented using mknod to create a named pipe (I always wondered how
you could do that anyway) and then use that as the output from my
simulation and the input to a process that dumps the data to tape.

This would have been the ideal solution, but (and it is a REALLY
big BUT ;-) the program wants to CREATE the file and errors out
if it already exists. Unfortunately I do not have the source code
for the model and so I cannot modify it.

It was suggested by ric@Artisoft.COM to hack my libraries so that the
'create' option returned values to fool the program, but this isnt that
important (and I have limited knowledge in that area).

Other suggestions were to tell the program to send the output to stdout.
Unfortunately this isnt an option either, and [again] I dont have the source.

Thanks, anyway, to ...

Frohna_Thomas_P/ (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
Ric Anderson <ric@Artisoft.COM>
"James Ashton" <>
Patricia Ann Max <>
raoul@MIT.EDU (Perry Hutchison)
Dave Mitchell <> (Garry Perratt)


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