SUMMARY: how to reconstruct files from /var/tmp/Ex???? and /var/tmp/Rx????

From: Jesse Adam (jaa@geog.GEOG.UCSB.EDU)
Date: Thu Nov 10 1994 - 17:51:06 CST

my original question:

> given two files /var/tmp/Ex???? and /var/tmp/Rx???? (both
> with the same pid number), how does one reconstruct the
> saved file?

and the answer is:
run /usr/lib/expreserve -a # sunos 4
or /usr/lib/expreserve -a # solaris 2

after which the user can do
        vi -r # get the filename
        vi -r filename # recover the filename

i didn't try this option:
        /usr/lib/expreserve < /var/tmp/Ex?????

vi(1) says:
vi -L Lists all the List the names of all files saved as the result
        of an editor or system crash.

kudos to:
Ted Nolan SRI Ft Gordon
Tim Pointing System Admin - DCIEM
Mike Raffety, Swiss Bank Corporation

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