SUMMARY: kernel patch or utility to support >1.9 GB partition

From: Ayrton Sargusingh (
Date: Wed Nov 09 1994 - 14:00:57 CST

On Tue, 8 Nov 1994, I wrote:

> Is there a kernel patch or utility that will allow for a parition size
> of more than 1.9 GB? Personally, I'd hate to have to patch the kernel
> in this way, but we are faced with many limitations when it comes to
> disk space. We have the disks, we just want larger partitions... and,
> for those who are wondering, we cannot upgrade to Solaris 2.x.

Thanks for the overwhelming response. There were lots of people who
suggested Sun's On-line DiskSuite. Not only can it support up to 52 GB,
it can also make multiple disks appear as one partition, mirror drives
to protect against data loss, allow disk partitions to 'grow' since it
implements virtual file systems, and it allows for disk stripping to
fully maximize I/O troughput.

Thanks again to the following people, and to those who missed the list: (Birger A. Wathne)
"David M. Di Gioia" <>
Mike Blandford <> (Russ Poffenberger) (David Weitzel (513)684-7523) (Eckhard Rueggeberg) (Dirk Boenning) (Peter Samuel)
Patricia Ann Max <> (Roger Graham)
John Benjamins <johnb@blas.cis.McMaster.CA>
Dave Fetrow <> (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
Gregory Bond <>

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