SUMMARY: UNIX-to-Mac Printing

From: Gary Smith (
Date: Wed Nov 09 1994 - 13:26:40 CST

Apologies for the delay in the summary, folks.

The original query...
> With SunTOPS being currently unsupported and discontinued, we
> are faced with finding a new way to talk to Mac network printers
> from our UNIX machines. Has anyone made this transition, or does
> anyone have any suggestions? We would also like to have some way
> of mounting disks from UNIX machines to Macintoshs.

Thanks for the numerous responses. From reading the replies, it
seems that most use the public domain software CAP. We are also
great supporters of public domain software, but for this particular
aspect of our production environment, we've decided to go with a
commercial vendor; either EtherShare or Ushare, the jury's still out.

Here is the consensus report...

UNIX-to-Mac Printing Software Cost Num. Using
============================== ====== ==========

Columbia AppleTalk Package free 16

Helios EtherShare $$$$ 5

IPT U-share $$$$ 6

Tenon NetTen $$$$ 1

GatorBox/GatorShare $$$$ 3

--Gary (

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