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Date: Wed Nov 09 1994 - 16:49:49 CST

My original question was:

>> Recently I read in this mailing list about Unix Sniffer and the etherman tool.
>> Does anyone know where I can find sources to the etherman?

Thanks to:

Answer follows:

the distribution contains a file SOURCE_AVAILABILITY:

Due to the large number of inquiries concerning the availablity of the source
for interman, etherman and packetman, here is the policy for obtaining the
source -- please do not feel obligated to buy the source if you are happy
with the binary distribution (we hate asking for money more than you hate
receiving requests for it, but this is the only way the university will
allow us to release the source):

Source code for the netman project is available for $US 500.00 for University
and teaching institutions, and $US 1000.00 for companies and other groups.

The source distribution includes sources for all the released tools as well as
other tools currently under development, which may be of interest.

Users who are happy with the binaries can always make a voluntary contribution
to encourage future development and assist with support costs. But of course
we make no promises as to the level of support we can provide - we will do our

Purchasing the source does not entitle a licencee to free 24 hour support.
We will attempt to give the best support we can, but our resources are very
limited. Please note that this project is not funded by our institution.

If you wish to obtain a source distribution please email:
us and we'll send you what you need.

Please note:

The source distribution may not be used for commercial purposes, any companies
interested in commercial development can enquire at the following address.

All enquiries should be directed to

Thank you.

Network Management Project                
Mike Schulze                                
Craig Farrell                              
Department of Computer Science
Curtin University                                       Ph: +61 9 351 7666
Perth, Western Australia                               Fax: +61 9 351 2819

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