SUMMARY - sendmail problem with MX records

From: Claude Marinier (
Date: Wed Nov 09 1994 - 12:25:07 CST

Hi everyone,

Thanks to those who responded. The solution was to make sure that when
sendmail is invoked from various mail programs it is which
runs. I renamed the default sendmail to /usr/lib/sendmail.standard and
created a logical link (sendmail) pointing to /usr/lib/ The
link makes it obvious which sendmail I am currently using.

Among the replies suggesting various ways of dealing with Sun's sendmail
there were two suggestions to get rid of it in favor of the Berkeley
sendmail. Someone kindly offered a pre-compiled sendmail 8.6.8 which I
am now testing. So far, so good. Thanks.

If this keeps up (I have now replaced sendmail, bind, and installed many
GNU utilities), there won't be much of SunOS left on the system. :-)

Thanks again.

Claude Marinier

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