SUMMARY:equivalent to rpc.yppasswdd for NIS+ under Solaris2.3

From: Emile Bartole (
Date: Wed Nov 09 1994 - 05:16:10 CST

Hi Sun-Managers,

this was the original problem:

> is there a possibility to use the passwd command to change a password
> from the NIS+ passwd table? Under SunOS4/YP you use rpc.yppasswdd to do
> so, what is the equivalent under Solaris2.3/NIS+ ?

Thanks to the friendly help of the following nice guys:

"Douglas L. Acker" <>
Tom Holmberg <>
Mike Bennett <> (tommy hill)
"Srinivasa R. Yalavarthy" <>

And the solution is: there is no equivalent for rpc.yppasswdd under Sol2.3/NIS+ :-(

So I have to tell my users that in the future they will have to use nispasswd instead
of passwd. (Though of course there is always solutions like replacing local passwd
by a script or aliasing passwd to nispasswd)

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