Summary: other than root, users unable to ftp

Date: Tue Nov 08 1994 - 17:06:53 CST

First off, I quite sorry that the last summary that I had sent was
empty. I thought that the file that I included from Sun's
Mail Tool had included the file, but obviously I screwed up somewhere.

I am even more sorry that I am unable to include the names of all the
people who took time out to answer my question.

In short though, the solution to my problem was VERY simple. My original
problem was that certain accounts for people under our system were unable
to ftp into the machines, getting permission denied errors.

The reason was because we were using a shell (/bin/tcsh) that was not in
our machines' /etc/shells file. Once we added those into the /etc/shells
file everything worked well.

Again I am sorry about the previous screw-up, and I'd like to thank all
those who sent me mail regarding my problem.


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