SUMMARY: NIS+ ans sunos4.1.3

From: Wolfgang Leideck (
Date: Tue Nov 08 1994 - 07:10:33 CST


Apologize the long delay for this summary, but i have much
work to do.
Many thanks for your responses.
Some of you pointed me to an error of my original question.
I asked for upgrading to sunos4.1.4 and i meant sunos4.1.3_u1.
Here is now the summary:

The sources for NIS+ for sunos4.1.3 are of the 2.x CD und they seem
to work (i haven't they installed yet, but this was your response).

Birger A. Wathne ( adds a workaround for
installing a 4.1.3 station as a NIS+ server in /etc/rc.local
Here is what he recommend:
1) Remove /var/yp/binding before starting ypbind
2) Just after starting ypbind, do:
sleep 10
To bind the client in a gentle way. Trying to access NIS without
using ypwhich this way never managed to find the server.

Henning Fruechtenicht ( mentioned
that the files
/usr/bin/keylogout and
must be saved and the NIS+ binaries are stored at /usr/etc/nis.

And here is my original question:

> Hello.
> I'm looking for a working NIS+ that runs on SunOS4.1.3 and works
> together with NIS+ on Solaris2.x.
> Are there any patches or must i upgrade to SunOS4.1.4?
> Thanks in advance
> Wolfgang

Thanks again

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